Our Services

Packages are available for all kinds of requirements and budgets starting from just £35!

Working towards your business goals, we draw up a communication plan and specifically aim for your target market. You receive regular reports to show you how pages are performing. Everything is taken care of, so you can have time back to focus on other aspects of your business. What's more - we provide a personal service - we don't just throw random posts into a machine and distribute the same content over multiple platforms. We are proactive and work hard for our clients - regularly searching for opportunities, sharing posts to local relevant groups and finding out who is looking for a business like yours.

Whether you are a start-up looking to acquire some tips on how best to utilise your new business across Social Media or you are a business wishing to train an allocated individual/team on how best to maximise the potential please feel free to get in touch.

We also offer training to individuals who are their own brand. Perhaps you represent a sporting personality or someone in the public eye who would benefit from realising the impact they can have (both in a positive and understanding the negatives) by a simple image/comment on their page?

The majority of people nowadays opt to check if a business has a social media page before checking websites, then see if they are regulars at posting content and quick to reply to messages. Social Media is a fantastic tool which can reach an incredible amount of people - if done correctly.

This is where I and the team here at SAS Consultancy Services aim to help, so that you can concentrate on the other areas of your business that are important to you.

We are able to provide engaging content, even designing online graphics and videos to make the posts more visual and eyecatching - (a visual post is more likely to be shared than text) and ensure that we fully understand your business, its values and objectives prior to running your campaigns/pages.